Velvet Voice Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.

This hypnosis script is designed for people who would like to develop their singing voice, improve vocal stamina and increase performance confidence. If you often feel too nervous to get up and have a go then you are not alone - many professional singers suffer with nerves before they sing live!

After reading this script, your client will be able to sing how they want to sing, express themselves freely and let go of any inhibitions. Any feelings of rejection will be removed and they will feel comfortable from deep within.

You or your client's voice can improve with every song that is sung, expanding confidence - showing the way to sing with clarity and creating the atmosphere that is desirable.

Once you put your whole heart into your song, loving every moment of the opportunity to express yourself, your creative ability will naturally increase.

So go on and download this script and sing to your heart's content!

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