Rapid Induction Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Rapid Induction

Script Description

Do you want to induce a client into a hypnotic trance quickly and effectively?

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This Rapid Induction script from Hypnotic World is ideal for therapists who are seeing clients who don't have a lot of time to spare (e.g. if they can only make an appointment in their lunch break) - or they dislike long, progressive relaxation inductions.

We have used this script with clients and at our workshops with great results.

This Rapid Induction is not so rapid that you simply snap your fingers and your client goes into hypnosis (pre-programming is required for this to happen). It is, however, much shorter than most inductions. You can also add a deepener if you feel it necessary, although most subjects who have experienced this Rapid Induction have achieved a depth of trance adequate for any follow-on treatment (including regression which many people think requires a very long-winded hypnotherapy session).

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