Fear of Criticism Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.

The fear of criticism is almost as pervasive in the mind as the fear of death. Fear of criticism can be just as paralyzing as any other phobia. The fear of criticism can rob an individual of their inspiration and motivation. This fear is capable of destroying creativity, imagination, and the ability to take action. Many people seem to have a backlog of criticism they are more than happy to pile onto anyone who'll tolerate it. Criticism is often disguised as advice or opinions and as we know, everyone has some that they are more than happy to give away.

The old adage "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me" is patently false according to our scientific understanding of the subconscious. Because all lifetime events, activities, and emotions are permanently stored in the subconscious, criticism often leaves bruises that are eternally tender or that fester in the subconscious.

We all remember high school and junior high. During those times of life it takes almost nothing to shame or embarrass a kid.

Maybe it was braces or gawkiness or simply being too tall or short for your age? The problem is we don't get a chance to live life over again with the knowledge that the taunts and jeers really mean nothing. Unfortunately we carry those memories within us forward into our adult life. These emotional times are the building blocks of a later fear of criticism.

It is necessary to learn to deflect all input with a negative influence on your self-perception. Sometimes those negative influences can come from those you have the least 'defences' from such as friends and family or bosses and co-workers. We may intellectually understand how important it is to keep our minds free of negative influences but accomplishing it can seem next to impossible. It is quite often family members who feel entitled to tell you what they think, 'for your own good.' Parents often do incredible damage their children with flippant or redundant criticisms or the re-telling of mistakes and embarrassments. But we can't simply 'drop' our family or quit our job to get away from the negative influences.

To successfully eliminate these fears from our lives we must look-inside ourselves and learn to process. Hypnosis is the perfect method for turning within. It is through the wonderful capabilities of the subconscious that hypnosis can help resolve the fear of criticism. Hypnotic World offers a hypnosis script that specifically addresses fear of criticism. This advanced hypnosis script addresses fear of criticism by helping clients to manage unwanted thoughts, use mental rehearsal and hypnotic training in self-hypnosis, and visualization.

The script uses the direct access to the subconscious available during hypnosis to plant ideas designed to help clients stop and manage the unwanted thoughts of fear of criticism that hover around in their subconscious mind. The general goal of this hypnosis script is to help patients develop feelings of control or even mastery over their thoughts and actions.

The subconscious stores all memories of all events and experiences. The subconscious never forgets.

Hypnotic World's powerful fear of criticism hypnosis script allows the therapist to guide the individual back through time, back through their life experience to discover the specific trigger event.

Doing this under hypnosis allows them to review the original fear event from a detached, objective point of view. It becomes much easier for the individual to regain or re-establish control even in frightening situations.

This fear of criticism hypnosis script provides additional conditioning by teaching directly to the subconscious and diffusing the client's anxiety by anchoring the memory to future experiences through desensitization. This is an opportunity to re-educate and inform the mind to the true nature and value of listening to others opinions and observations without fear and defensiveness.

We know that hypnosis makes learning quicker and more direct. By reducing 'static' surrounding the signal hypnosis helps the unlearning or re-learning misperceptions developed in childhood before they were able to fully understand the way things work.

This hypnosis script gets rid of the fear of criticism from the root using revivification and 'conversation' with the subconscious mind to educate and inform, to transform beliefs about the nature of criticism.

This fear of criticism hypnosis script engages visualization to create a new openness to ideas and opinions. So after laying the initial groundwork this script goes on to engage the client in hypnotic training. This is a form of teaching or training that reaches directly into the subconscious mind where the information is permanently stored. This is an accelerated format for instruction during which this hypnosis script teaches the client to use self-hypnosis.

By engaging clients in positive visualization after transforming the clients understanding of the nature and reason for criticism this hypnosis script has the potential to alleviate the fear of criticism with the least possible invasion of the client's life. Each happy, successful client is a living breathing recommendation for your services and our scripts.

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