Fear of Criticism Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.

Do your clients worry about doing certain things in case they are told that they're wrong?

A fear of criticism (also known as Avoidant Personality Disorder) can make one anxious, apprehensive and create feelings of inadequacy and this fear is certainly as paralyzing as any other phobia.

The fear of criticism can rob an individual of their inspiration and motivation and even make sufferers avoid favourite activities in case they are ridiculed or made fun of. It is also capable of destroying creativity, imagination, and the ability to take action.

The causes of this fear are not fully known, however it is thought to be influenced by a combination of social, genetic, and psychological factors and sometimes one of the parents will have experienced a similar fear.

Some people seem to thrive on criticizing others as a defense against their own lack of self-esteem, however if your client is on the receiving end of constant put-downs then it is time to stand up for themselves. With others, criticism is often disguised as advice or opinions and as we know, everyone has some that they are more than happy to give away.

If your client is ready to tackle this Fear of Criticism then with your aid, and this powerful hypnosis script from Hypnotic World we can help to create them to become more assertive and confident.

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